Game Show Professor

Gimme A Hint – Trivia Game Show

Game Show Professor

GAME SHOW PROFESSOR is an educational application of the GIMME A HINT!® Trivia Game Show utilized to reinforce learning, which can be used to present any form of factual information, translating key information into a fun-filled production that increases participants' curiosity and thirst for knowledge through the process of 'transformational play'.

Each creatively designed GAME SHOW PROFESSOR program effectively augments knowledge transmission, concept formation, and retention of facts. Each customized program illuminates curriculum information and specific key message points on any subject matter. Students learn faster, and their retention of information is stronger because of the dynamic way facts are assimilated.

In 2009, a GAME SHOW PROFESSOR version of the GIMME A HINT! Trivia Game Show was featured on The Martha Stewart Show, where Gene Jones created a special segment based on Presidential History.

In addition to Game Show Professor programs, Jones has also designed the thought provoking Art of the Question seminar, which led to the creation of his corporate training program on breakthrough thinking: TRIVIATION. Jones is also the creator of the powerful public speaking seminar The Art of Presentation. Gene Jones also teaches his unique learning and recall methods, providing special insights into how merging memory skills and conceptual thinking can increase productivity. To learn more about Gene Jones' educational and training programs, CLICK HERE