Gimme A Hint – Trivia Game Show

About Gene Jones

For more than 40 years, game show creator and host Gene Jones has enjoyed a fascinating, multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry. In addition to revolutionizing the traditional trivia game show format with his invention of Trivia Theatre, Jones' career credits also include speech writer, radio talk show host, Master of Ceremonies, touring variety artist, corporate seminar instructor, commercial copy writer and author of the groundbreaking book Younger and Wiser (Dreamquest Publishing, 2020).

As both creator and host of the GIMME A HINT! Trivia Game Show, Jones converts the game show format into his own special brand of interactive theatre, using comedic improvisational skills to seamlessly prompt audience members to correctly answer even the most difficult questions. Jones customizes questions and hints for his game show on an infinite array of subjects ranging from Astronomy, Biology, Celebrities, Current Events, and Fashion, to Geography, History, Movies, Pop Culture, Sports and Zoology... virtually any topic imaginable. His signature 'six-degrees-of-separation' technique finds connections between a diverse assortment of seemingly unrelated subjects, resulting in an eclectic game show experience that is wildly entertaining and also mentally challenging. After experiencing one of Jones' performances, Martha Stewart was so intrigued that she invited him to write and perform a special Presidential History game show segment on The Martha Stewart Show, where Martha introduced Gene as a "Game Show Host Extraordinaire".

Jones' success in game show entertainment evolved from his association with The Guinness Book of World Records. As The Guinness Book of Records' official Judge from 1983-1990, Jones made frequent live and televised appearances, serving as The Guinness Book’s official spokesman on ABC's 20/20, Nightline, BBC's Record Breakers, The Spectacular World of Guinness Records with Robert Frost, plus numerous regional news, entertainment and human interest television shows. Jones also served as Associate Editor of the Guinness Book from 1986-1990.

Jones first entered the entertainment business after graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Radio & Television. As a radio talk show personality in Ann Arbor Michigan, he wrote, performed, and produced radio commercials and sketches, garnering a loyal following of local fans for his weekly blues music and interview program as well as his film, theater, and restaurant review shows. Early in his career, Jones was also a very popular Master of Ceremonies for concerts such as James Taylor, Bob Seger, Duke Ellington, B.B. King, Kiss, and the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, while also serving as the Color Commentator for University of Michigan Basketball on cable television.

Jones soon began producing music concerts and variety shows, which led him to tour briefly with the international theatrical company the Friends Roadshow, where he was 'discovered' by an agent who recognized Jones' talent as a solo performer. Billed as the 'Amazing One-Man Variety Show', Jones toured nationwide, entertaining college audiences continually for five years. Recognizing his accomplishments in the Variety Arts, the Michigan Council of the Arts awarded Jones a grant to research one of his many passions: The history of vaudeville.

After completing the grant, Jones was hired by Los Angeles' prestigious Society for the Preservation of the Variety Arts, where he served as talent coordinator; producing, directing and hosting weekly variety shows. Notable names Jones worked with during that time included Milton Berle and Michael Feinstein. Jones was then hired to MC and produce conventions for the International Jugglers Association, eventually serving as its President for three consecutive terms.

These activities led Jones to the man who introduced The Guinness Book of World Records to the United States: David Boehm. After commissioning Jones to design The Guinness Book's category on juggling, Mr. Boehm expanded Jones' role to Spokesman and Associate Editor. In 1986, a client who hired Jones as an entertainer found out Jones was also working for The Guinness Book, so he asked Jones to add a trivia segment to his performance. This first trivia performance created such a sensation that Jones’ new career direction was launched, a career still blossoming after more than 25 years.

Jones is also founding director of Creative Consulting Services, a division of the special event production company he established in 1983. In this creative role, Jones writes speeches and teaches his dynamic seminar on public speaking, The Art of Presentation, in which he distills the many lessons he has learned from more than three decades of stage performing.

In addition to entertaining audiences, Gene Jones is also focused on using his unique game show format as a catalyst for breakthrough thinking with his unique corporate training programs.