Gimme A Hint – Trivia Game Show

About Gimme A Hint

In 1986, Gene Jones' first appearance as 'The Trivia Guy' caused a tremendous sensation that surprised everyone – including Gene, who reminisces: "This was supposed to be a one-time favor for a client, but I received so many offers to perform more shows, I suddenly realized that theatrical trivia was my destiny". Jones has constantly refined and expanded his initial performance over the course of more than two thousand shows, evolving it into the GIMME A HINT! Trivia Game Show.

Jones works without a script, reeling off a seemingly 'impossible to know' array of trivia questions, anecdotes, and stories on every subject imaginable. Due to constant updating of material, GIMME A HINT! now encompasses an unlimited lexicon of subjects, with Jones challenging audience members to choose their favorite topics. The title GIMME A HINT! arose from audience members who often yelled "Gimme A Hint!" when stumped by a question. Using his improvisational acting training, Jones began devising eclectic hints to entertain as well as coach his audiences. These hints proved so popular, that the audience war cry "GIMME A HINT!" became the name of the show.

GIMME A HINT! is an ultimately interactive game show. Every audience member becomes a Contestant at all times, and everyone is free to shout out an answer at any time. The consummate Master of Ceremonies, Gene Jones manages to turn the apparent ensuing chaos into a fast-paced theatrical production that enthralls audiences of all ages.

The game is easy to play. Each time a question is asked, anyone who thinks they know the answer shouts: "I GOT IT!" to immediately jump into the spotlight. If audience members shout "GIMME A HINT!", they immediately receive a mind-expanding clue. The first person to answer correctly immediately wins a Cash Prize! The infectious excitement of this mind-expanding game show can also be customized to focus attention on any special subject matter.

Experience the thrill of being a Television Game Show Contestant with the GIMME A HINT! Trivia Game Show hosted by America's Trivia Guy Gene Jones.