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Gimme A Hint – Trivia Game Show

Corporate Programs

The GIMME A HINT!® Trivia Game Show can be formatted to achieve a number of significant business goals. This unique methodology can be used to deliver inspirational messages, drive home important sales points, highlight corporate priorities, and increase creativity, while also serving as an effective team building exercise.

The show's full-audience participation format and dynamic use of hints also produces a mind-expanding effect on participants, which leads to more productive brainstorming sessions.

When GIMME A HINT! is presented as an integral part of a corporate training program, Gene Jones explains the concept "Trivia is not trivial because it exercises the mind" prior to playing The Game. This notifies all participants that there is much more to this presentation than just play. The transformational play utilized in this methodology facilitates brain activity that serves as a catalyst for breakthrough thinking.

Team building sessions can be organized in a variety of ways to achieve targeted corporate goals. To learn more about customized programs for corporate meetings Click here